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To unimportant for a own Rank Name
To unimportant for a own Rank Name

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PostSubject: Reputation list   Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:11 am

Decoration of Operating Soldiers (Clan-Tag: -=]DOS[=- )

Der-Orden (Clan-Tag: Der-Orden)

Rest In Peace (Clan-Tag: |R.I.P|)

Sirius Terror Elite (Clan-Tag: [S.T.E.])

Flying Tigers (Clan-Tag: [F-TI)

WOLFS (Clan-Tag: [>WOLFS<])

Imperium (Clan-Tag: ]Imperium[)

Händlerallianz (Clan-Tag: [Händler-Allianz])

Rheinwehr (Clan-Tag: Rheinwehr_)

The Dragons (Clan-Tag: -=TD=-)

Nexus-Staffel (Clan-Tag: [NXS])

Friends of Freelancer (Clan-Tag: [>FoF<])

Allianz unabhängiger Welten (Clan-Tag: [~AuW~])

The~Pirates (Clan-Tag: The~)

Universe Special Agency Force (Clan-Tag: [USAF]_)

unter Schwarzer Flagge (Clan-Tag: -]uSF[-)

Western Alliance (Clan-Tag: [TCEagles])

Space Trader Alliance (Clan-Tag: ~STA~)

Omikron Söldner Orden (Clan-Tag: <]OSO[>)
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PostSubject: Re: Reputation list   Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:33 am

~ Update ~ <]OSO[> Reputation Updated
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Reputation list
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