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 bhenchod apni ma chudao...

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Anmeldedatum : 2010-10-21

PostSubject: bhenchod apni ma chudao...   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:49 am

In-game name:[gandu]faust

Real life name:binbihayi ma ka bacha

Real life age:102

Total time played:1 min 3 sec

Why do you want to join the [Nuclear] gang?:coz i think most of the member here r suckingn i think they might hav fucked my mom

Why would you think you would be a good member for this gang?: lol! coz i hav been active fr 1 min a day n i think i m not skilled tht's why i applied here

What can you do to contribute to the gang?:i can fuck all the gang memebers mother tht's wht i can contrbutte

What are you good at?:sex

Any other info you want to add:yes i m all of ur dad plz dont tell this to anyone..
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bhenchod apni ma chudao...
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