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PostSubject: Clan-Story   Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:26 am

✦ Clan Name: Nuclear
✦ Clan Tag: [Nuclear]
✦ Squads: =|GXT|=, ~[LSF]~
✦ Clan RPG: Pirates[X]
✦ Clan Leaders: Solidsnake, Nine-Tailed-Fox, Nakãto
✦ Forum:

✦ Background Story:
'Nuclear' are an ex elite navy detachment called the 31st Thunderbolts. They were
involved in different dangerous missions, which required allot of experience, missions
ranging from search and rescue operations to eliminating high ranking military leaders.
It was the 3rd of June 2273 when The Thunderbolts were called for an emergency briefing.
It seemed that the rebels launched a coordinated attack against all the navy outposts in La
Serena [Planet Los Angeles]. One by one the outpost were lost, until only one remained...
Fort Baxter. The orders were simple: The remaining navy detachments in the area would
rendez-vous at Fort Baxter for extraction. The Thunderbolts were called to protect the area
from the incoming rebel attacks. They would also be the last detachment to be extracted out
of there.
What the Navy Command didn't mention was that, after the Fort would have been fully
evacuated, a nuclear strike will be called, to destroy the Fort so the Rebels wouldn't
have been able to salvage anything.
45 minutes have passed since the Thunderbolts arrived, The Fort was under heavy fire from
all directions. The last Blackhawk loaded with Military Personel was preparing to leave,
and the Thunderbolts knew that they were next. After the Blackhawk departed, suddenly, the
radio communications became static. The Thunderbolts were suppressed from all directions,
while their captain was desperately trying to reach High Command.
'- Eagle 4, Eagle 4, this is Carter, we are under heavy attack!
- We require extraction immediately!
- Eagle 4, answer dammit!'
Trough the static, Carter managed to hear a weak voice.
' - Nuclear strike preparation complete...Initialing launching sequel.
- Launching sequel will be complete in 30,29,28...'
At that moment he realized there's no time to panic.He shouted
' - Bloody bastards!What the hell happened to "No one's left behind" ?
- Quick lads, I saw the entrance of a bunker when we landed. Follow me quick, there's no
time to waste!'.
The bombs didn't fail to deliver their deadly payload...Everything on a 5 square km area was
blow to pieces. The bunker barely made it , with the Thunderbolts inside. Even though they
survived the explosion they were exposed to a huge dose of radiations.
They went outside of the bunker, and ripped their badges off.
'- The hell... They'll pay for this!'.
Miraculously, underground of the Fort they found an working ship. It was an old Rhino which
was being prepared for recycling.
The members went aboard and launched through the darkside of Los Angeles so they won't be
detected by the Navy Patrols.
Carter had an old friend in Cambridge, Bretonia, which was a scientist specialized in
studying the effects of radiations. So they went there...
It seems that the bombs dropped over La Serena weren't ordinary ones, they were
experimental, and the radiations had an unforseen effect.
It seemed that instead of determinating the apparition of cancer and leukemia, their senses
were sharpened, turning them into some sort of 'super humans'.
After they left Cambridge in search of a new home they found a small abandoned base, on the
farside of Cambridge. They settled there and in 2 weeks the base was fully functional...They
named it Promethium. Since then they gave up the 'justice' for piracy, and with their new
'super senses' they had strategic attacks on military convoys, weakening their war effort, and winning their nickname of Nuclear.

credits Aledorru / Durán
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